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SimPocalypse simulator now has a release date

simpocalypse post apocalyptic civilization simulator now has a release date for both linux and windows pc

SimPocalypse post apocalyptic civilization simulator now has a release date for both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Gamex studio. Currently available via Steam Early Access with 75% Positive Reviews.

The post apocalyptic civilization simulator SimPocalypse now has a release schedule. While still keeping true to these details and updates coming out regularly. There also seems to be another bigger set of updates coming soon. Due to be available before leaving Early Access on Steam later next month – May 11th!. This new level means the game will be “feature complete” by that date. Gamex studio is focusing on the best possible version of the game for full release.

Directors of Gamex studio, Rok Jesenicnik and Andraž Vene:

“We are thrilled to be launching the game out of Early Access on Steam. As we continue working on the new updates. We’re doing everything that is in our power to deliver the best game version possible for the full launch. Which is happening on the release date, May 11, 2021, via Steam.
Our mission is to deliver a fast paced game. Full of various hurdles and challenges for players to overcome.

Initially, we started developing SimPocalypse for the incremental players. But as the game moved forward we included a few other elements and niches as well. Such as strategy, simulation, 4x, and tycoon. Making SimPocalypse more inviting to a variety of players, niche lovers.

This is our Steam debut game (we were developing web/browser games before), we are new to the Steam market. We are learning new things quickly and listening to players’ feedback for an epic full launch. And trying to make this game a hit! We are doing our utmost and keeping our fingers crossed. So on the launch day enough players will give the game a try. Recognizing the in-depth experience of SimPocalypse.”

Simpocalypse – Early Access Trailer

Available in 13 languages already on PC and Linux (Mac coming soon)
SimPocalypse is playable in 13 languages already. Covering the biggest language markets, such as English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish (Spain & Latin America). Also French, Polish, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, and Dutch. These are currently available on Linux and Windows PC. Still, the developers are hoping to deliver a Mac version before the full release.

SimPocalypse was also featured on the Steam Autumn Festival with its first Demo. Releasing in Early Access on December 15th, 2020. After regular updates and massive recent UI rework. The developers are now just one big update away from leaving Early Access.

What is gameplay all about?

In SimPocalypse the world as we know it is gone. Since the nuclear war has torn it apart. So this is where players start as leaders or managers of a post apocalyptic compound. Both directing and controlling their citizens. While trying to gather enough food and other basic resources to survive. Then exploring around to continue stocking up on some extra resources. All to help advance their civilization and expand it further. The stronger and the bigger the settlement is, the more resources it will require. This will also mean generating additional power when it comes to expanding. As a result, you will compete with nearby enemies.

The post apocalyptic civilization simulator players will have to trade. So any excess resources you have will help you generate more wealth. Such as building tanks and combining various tank parts. Then work to beat enemies on a mission to re-conquer the world!

Features and Goals:

  • Survive the post apocalyptic times
    Build a strong basis for your compound to survive.
  • Manage and control your citizens to create a powerful establishment
    Survive different events through time and grow your SimPocalypse empire. Dealing with any challenges and threats it faces.
  • Rebuild the pillars of modern civilization
    Rebuilding a modern social, economic and military setup is crucial. So start thriving instead of just surviving.
  • Choose your path with a massive research tree. So you can Advance your civilization to new heights
    Will you succeed in global growth or bring your life to an end?
  • Trade the Global Market to your advantage
    Mold and trade in a market to become a global tycoon.
  • Speed up and automate gameplay actions
    Utilize the Time lapse feature which lets you vastly speed up time. While helping to automate more and more in SimPocalypse gameplay. So you can dive deeper into its many mechanics. Playing at your own pace.
  • Dominate & Control the post apocalyptic World!
    Will you choose military pressure, use your wealth? Maybe take a more diplomatic route to world control?

Price and increase:

The SimPocalypse post apocalyptic civilization simulator release date is May 11, 2021. There will be an increase in price from $9.99 USD via Steam. So be sure to check it out before. Since there is a native build for Linux with Windows PC.

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