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Simpocalypse strategy simulation reaches Alpha

simpocalypse strategy simulation reaches alpha for linux mac windows pc

Simpocalypse strategy simulation reaches Alpha with the full game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to independent game studio from Slovenia, Gamex Games. The alpha is playable now, we show you how.

Simpocalypse is first debut Steam release and it’s already in Alpha. Also available for public testing. Therefore expect a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game. Which also pits you against a range of challenges as you try to survive. So you can expand and become a global empire. The games due to release this fall on Steam.

The game will be prepared for PC/Mac/Linux (should be already visible on the Steam)

The Alpha is not available on Steam yet. But public testing is available without any registration required. Since you can play directly using a link from the games home page. Just click on the “Play Simpocalypse” button and you are taken into the game. While giving you the option to play with or without audio. Which also runs well using your web browser.

“We are proud to be able to put Simpocalypse into a higher stage. Now releasing the Alpha version. The theme of the game allowed us a lot of options to expand the game. But in the end, we focused on combining parts we see as crucial. Putting them together in a package that is now ready for further polish until the Beta. The post-apocalyptic conquering, economic, resource & time management. All are one of the main parts we’d love to hear back during the Alpha testings. So we can further polish the game until its full release on Steam that is due this Fall, 2020! We have big plans for the development of Simpocalypse. And will do our best to prepare an enjoyable and unique experience for our players!”

Simpocalypse: a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator

Simpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game. Which is also looking to scratch the itch of those who love playing strategy optimization titles, casually. As well as offering a ton of depth and room for complex optimization. So you can dig deeper into the game’s economic, military and political mechanics.

Players find themselves in a world with limited resources to survive, a world of hunger that might be relentless, a world where everyone is just focusing to conquer ‘free’ lands and take over the vital resources required to expand their settlements and survive these hard times.

Gamex Games want to open Simpocalypse to a wider audience. But those who’d love to work more closely with developers in follow-up private testings. Since the strategy simulation reaches Alpha. The developers are looking for help to shape the game more directly.
So you can leave your email for the Beta signup. You can also Wishlist the game on Steam. Due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC this fall.

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