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Sin Slayers dark fantasy RPG release date

sin slayers dark fantasy rpg games release date for linux mac windows pc

Sin Slayers the dark fantasy RPG game has a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Goonswarm. The games comes also coming to both Steam and Humble Store.

On September 5th, the full version of Sin Slayers will release. So you can dive into the pixel art RPG and a dark fantasy setting. Which has also has a top 200 most Wishlisted games on Steam. While the demo version of Sin Slayers: The First Sin. Has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. Which also happens to work at a Platinum level via Steam Play.

Sin Slayers is a dark RPG setting. Which also takes place in a treacherous underworld. As the player you will need to create, equip and lead a team of heroes. Since each has their own pros and cons. Which you must incorporate into your strategy.
To escape your doom, you must slay the seven Sin Lords. Fight in JRPG inspired turn based battles. While you explore a roguelike world. Thanks to randomly generated maps and encounters. Which also varies the difficulty of every playthrough.

Sin Slayers Main Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Sin Slayers takes place in a world between worlds. This is the Valley of Fallen Sinners. Where our heroes have been imprisoned after their deaths.
So to return to the world of the living. You will need to travel seven cursed lands. Slay the seven Sin Lords and destroy the seven magical seals. Wander through primeval forests. And also the boneyards full of crypts and the graves of fallen warriors. There are also other hateful regions to test even the bravest heart.


  • 10 playable characters in Sin Slayers
  • Classic turn-based JRPG combat system
  • Randomly generated levels will let players find new secrets, monsters and events on each playthrough
  • Lots of additional quests and tasks from NPC’s
  • A dark fantasy atmosphere inspired by Castlevania, Diablo and the Dark Souls series
  • Your choices determine the difficulty of each playthrough
  • Cursed locations in Sin Slayers. Each region is cursed in one way or another. You must adjust your playstyle to succeed
  • A wide variety of skills to learn, armor to craft, and artifacts to discover

Sin Slayers dark fantasy RPG has a September 5th, 2019 release date. Coming to both Steam and Humble Store. While making a day one launch with Linux, Mac and Windows PC support.