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Sir Plump action platformer on Kickstarter

sir plump action platformer on kickstarter for linux mac windows

Sir Plump is a 2D action platformer game on Kickstarter for Windows and Mac, which is also coming to Linux. Since the crowfunding campaign started, the development efforts of Gamelab caught my attention. Featuring perky graphics taking inspiration from Disney classics. So players can dive into the gripping world of the Middle Ages with this hilarious knight.

The developers are looking for a total of $50,000 USD with over $2,800 USD already under their belt. So the project is indeed moving along, but they seem to be lacking in the manner of PR. Since the campaign deserves a lot more attention.

Linux Support:

“We work with Unity and Linux is definitely on our list! We’ll start to develop to PC and MAC first, but if we reach our goal, it’ll be available on Linux too!”

So it seems that requesting Linux support is an ongoing task. Especially since Sir Plump development is using Unity 3D. A massively popular engine that makes it easy to port to Linux. Yet again, the request is in and we have confirmation. Although, “if we reach our goal” seems a bit subjective.

Sir Plump action platformer Kickstarter Trailer (Windows, Mac, then Linux)

Since the game will be release on Windows and Mac first. The developers have plans for all the major platforms in the future. Which also includes console.

The main character, the eponymous Sir Plump. A clumsy character with a big heart and an even bigger belly! Throughout the game, Sir Plump wants to save his love, Princess Selfie. Who is captured by an evil witch.
While Sir Plump rushes towards the castle where his love is hostage. He always makes sure to support those in need when he meets them on his journey.

Bringing back the mood and quality of your childhood’s favorite animated films, this game is a 2D game of skill, set in the Middle Ages with several surprises and modern elements built in.

Sir Plump is live on Kickstarter with a pledge goal of $50,000 USD. Since the games coming to Linux, after Mac and Windows. Not a bad sign, check out the campaign for more details.

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