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Sir Questionnaire announced from OrangePixel

sir questionnaire announced from orangepixel for linux mac windows games

Sir Questionnaire is announced from OrangePixel for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games a unique turn-based hack n’slash. They are the creators of Ashworld and Meganoid.
Also, if you watch the teaser trailer below, you will recognise the pixelart. This is the handy creation of OrangePixel drawing in the recent weeks. That is if you follow on Instagram. and showing the sketches of in previous email? It’s all IN THERE!

What’s Sir Questionnaire about?

Alright, so Sir Questionnaire is a turn-based hack’n’slash game. Players enter a dungeon and each room gives you two options. Leave the room or interact with what ever is in the room. This can be monsters, but also debris, treasure chests, pools of water, or just another door. Which is quite the dichotomy from typical games, no question. Check out the trailer below.

Sir Questionnaire teaser announced – coming Q2 2018 (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Players also take pictures of your various encounters. Completing your codex with information on the various entities that roam the dungeon.

Take on Quests as you enter every game, ranging from easy to hard, with each quest type giving you a reward for your next game. The harder the quest, the bigger the reward, so choose wisely!

Right now the game has gone in a private BETA. This is for the Windows version (for access to the beta check: The games also gooing to release on Linux, Mac and Windows around end of April / May 2018.

OrangePixel release:

The game also has a nice page on the website. So you can check out some screenshots and info right there.

Sir Questionnaire does not have a Steam page yet. So more details are incoming. You can also follow on Twitter as well. The Instagram link is at the top of the page. And I’m eager to play the Beta.

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