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SkateBIRD skatboarding due for a day one release

skatebird skatboarding game is due for a day one release on linux mac and windows pc

SkateBIRD skatboarding game is due for a day one release on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Glass Bottom Games. Which is delayed from the August release on Steam.

SkateBIRD the avian action sports game is indeed due for a day one release on Linux. After a delay from the August 2021 release, we can expect a simultaneous platform release. Having personally tested the game for myself, on Linux. All due to arrive on September 16th.
Also, there is a key video from lead developer Megan Fox who narrates the first look at the controls. The SkateBIRD video highlights ways to reduce input density. Since this helps players enjoy boarding with the birb.

Players can toggle the ability to push automatically when you hold down the ollie button. This also merges the ollie button with flip tricks / grinds / grabs to reduce right-hand inputs. Letting you alter the game speed to customize their experience however they see fit.

SkateBIRD Showcase Spot

SkateBIRD features combines a series of accessibility minded options. All due to ease rapid inputs and hand travel. Choose from more than 30 species of birds and kit them out with wild wardrobes. Don a cowboy hat or a fez while shredding around your Big Friend’s office. Likewise, you can it mellow and strap a backpack on for a quick session. Become the world’s first tiny hawk to pull off a backside 540. You can also see if a pygmy parrot can nose stall on a magazine halfpipe. Like the relaxed control scheme, SkateBIRD’s customization options are all about self expression.

As a result, SkateBIRD will have you rack up high scores. Complete missions to progress through stages ranging from your Big Friend’s bedroom. All the way to a scenic rooftop and a sick server room. Already prime for top secret sessions. You can even free skate through the world at a leisurely pace. Grow your flock and wow them with fluttering flicks, awesome combos, and tricks.

SkateBIRD skatboarding game is due to release on September 16th. With day one support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Priced $19.99 USD on Steam.