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SkateBIRD skateboarding day one support

skatebird skateboarding day one linux support

SkateBIRD will bring skateboarding to Linux, Mac and Windows with day one support. So expect to be able t drop in, and be a skateboarding bird on Steam.

Glass Bottom on day one Linux support:

“Release date is “dunno, 2019-ish, and yeah my policy is to go mac and linux parallel to PC. I’m certain there will be bugs (there always are). But better to get them figured out early when folks are trying the game and finding the weird ones we missed.”

So it’s been a while since we heard from Glass Bottom Games. But they are back and now introducing a new adventure. Skateboarding with some really epic graphics. And since I could not help but inquire. It’s a pleasure to have that day one confirmation.
What also impressive, Polygon and PC Gamer acknowledging the game. Such a pleasure to see. Since we have been working with indie studio Glass Bottom Games for a while now.

So in SkateBIRD players will have to grind on bendy straws. Then kickflip over staplers and carve killer lines through cardboard and sticky tape parks. Skate an expansively tiny world with simple controls even a Hawk named Tony would dig.
And since SkateBIRD can’t fly, on a board, they soar.

SkateBIRD skateboarding Announce Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Drive smooth flowing, physical-feeling skating with simple buttons, not stick gestures
  • Feel immediately at home with the controls, if you dig Pro Skaters of a Hawk variety
  • Explore a series of tiny worlds full of little objectives and secret tapes (scotch tapes mostly)
  • Make bird friends by completing challenges, or just trying really hard
  • Organize skate events with your new friends! Become a skate bird legend!
  • (or just be really happy all your buds are having a good time with you)

SkateBIRD will release sometime in 2019 on Linux, Mac and Windows. Coming to Steam and likely other stores. No word on price yet though.

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