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Skeletal Avenger hack and slash gets a Demo

skeletal avenger hack and slash gets a demo for windows pc but coming to linux gaming and mac

Skeletal Avenger hack and slash gets a Demo for Windows PC, but a release is slated for Linux gaming and Mac. Thanks to developer 10tons Ltd. Which is also due to arrive on Steam later this year.

As of right now, a single quest demo is out for Skeletal Avenger. The hack and slash gets a Demo is available from now until the October 13th. Which is at the end date of Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition. The full game will be available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC but the demo is only for Windows PC. However, having you can use Proton 5.0-9 to play it now. Which works rather well to be honest.
Also, be sure to middle mouse button for your secondary attack. Space bar will be your dash, be sure to use it often. And right-click on your mouse will be a flying skull. It’s a skills based attack, so make sure to aim first.

Skeletal Avenger is an ultra smooth hack and slash dungeon dasher. The game certainly has lots of roguelite influences. The biggest inspirations are games like Hades and Dead Cells. Therefore you will likely find the gameplay as smooth as both of those titles.

Skeletal Avenger Reveal Trailer

We have one special move too: You play as a reanimated skeleton. So your special move is to throw your own decapitated head around. In the demo your goal is to reach the boss and kill him. The levels are also a mixture of handcrafted and procedurally generated. So each run will be different. The Skeletal Avenger demo is approximately 15-60 minutes long But that certainly depends on how you play. The demo doesn’t include any meta game elements. But it should showcase the core game quite well.

Also, there will be a developer stream during the Steam Game Fest on Oct 8th. For details and schedule, check here. Due to start at 8:30 AM EST and ends 12:00 PM EST


  • Fast-paced ultra-responsive hack and slash action
  • Decapitate yourself to do special attacks: Your hat determines the effect
  • Reverse roguelite: Ascend from the depths and exact revenge for victory – repeat.
  • Endless amount of quests to complete – each one ending in sweet revenge
  • Gain rewards and equip your avengers with increasingly powerful gear
  • Single player and 2-4 player local co-op

Skeletal Avenger is a neat hack and slash dungeon dasher. Due to arrive in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC later this year on Steam.

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