Skin Witch survival horror to get support

skin witch survival horror to get support linux mac windows pc game

Skin Witch survival horror to get support for Linux and Mac after the Windows PC game release. Thanks to the recent reply from independent developer Blackwood Specter. Due to arrive later this month on Steam.

Skin Witch release date for the upcoming survival horror game. The game is due to drop via Steam on May 22nd for Windows PC. With Linux and Mac ports will follow shortly after release. The singleplayer game features multiple weapons, enemies, and unique puzzles. Not to mention some horrific rituals and destructible tunnels. There are also multiple areas including mines and an old bunker. Not to mention, the lair of the Skin Witch. Gameplay will also feature multiple difficulties and endings.

Skin Witch is being made with Unity. I’ll definitely be doing Mac/Linux versions of the game, but not at launch. However it is relatively straightforward to build those versions with Unity. So I expect them to come out with the first major update the game gets (probably the first week or two after launch).

Guild of Lore is providing the game’s soundtrack. Evoking an ominous atmosphere in every crevice of the underground lair. Finding the Skin Witch may be your only chance at escape, if you can survive the encounter…

Skin Witch – new survival horror Trailer

Trapped in an underground mine you were sent to investigate. You soon learn you’re not alone. In the deep dark, skin changed beasts lurk behind every corner as you struggle to escape. Fill them full of lead, or burn them to a crisp to make sure they stay dead. There are also multiple areas including mines, an old bunker, and of course, the lair of the Skin Witch.


  • True Survival Horror – Limited resources, unique puzzles, and disturbing environments. Players will have access to multiple weapons, but will need to make tough decisions on when to use precious ammo.
  • Witch Beasts – Face off against horrific creatures that were once human. These wretched souls have lost any remaining sense of humanity, now reduced to ravenous beasts. The Skin Witch’s gifts have made the beasts very tough to kill, but if you can only remove their skins…
  • Non-Linear Gameplay – The mines sprawl in all directions, almost a labyrinth unto themselves. Players can choose to take different routes, and they can also use explosives to demolish tunnels to prevent creatures from catching them.

Skin Witch survival horror to get support after the Windows PC launch. Coming to both Linux and Mac shortly after. But the game is available for Wishlist on Steam. The game will be launching on May 22nd.

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