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Sky Break sci-fi RPG fully released on Steam

Sky Break sci-fi RPG fully released on Steam linux mac pc

The #scifi action RPG Sky Break have finally left early access now with a full out release for Linux, Mac and Windows. This is a rather #impressive #game, maybe what No Mans Sky could have been if they had only contacted Farsky Interactive.

The story goes like this, humanity is threatened. A deadly virus is rapidly spreading. The particular flora of Arcania, a planet once used by humans for space colonization, may help in the creation of a cure. But the planet has been abandoned ever since working drones turned against humans.
A group of researchers has been sent to this planet to find a solution. You are one of them. But as you arrived, your spaceship crashed…

  • Hack and command mechas
    Mechas are wild and are used to living in the storm. You must fight some of them for your survival, but they are often stronger than you are. Your best chance of survival is to hack some of those mechas and use them as allies to defeat the others.
  • Evolve
    The more combats you win, the more fragments you earn. They can be used to evolve your mechas’ strength and skills. But you can also find some during exploration. Your character can also improve its capabilities.
  • The Storm
    The weather is a major threat. You must deal with lightning strikes, tornadoes, and other elements in order to make your way through the storm. You will be able to activate old installations used to ionize the air and stop the storm within an area. Thankfully an old abandoned station that sits above the clouds provides good shelter.
  • The Spaceship
    You have access to your spaceship early in the game, but you do not have enough fuel to leave the planet. It is impossible to land in the storm, but once you have unlocked some weather controllers, you will be able to quickly travel across the map and save a lot of time.
  • Collect and craft
    Gather resources along your journey and use them to build useful items. You can also use a greenhouse inside your station if you want to grow your own plants.

By now you have to be a little interested in Sky Break, which is available now on Steam with 10% discount until October 28th for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

sky break sci-fi survival action rpg screenshot

sky break sci-fi survival action rpg screenshot

sky break sci-fi survival action rpg screenshot