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Sky Is Arrows RTS launches today on Steam

sky is arrows turn-based rpg launches on steam for mac windows but no linux

Sky Is Arrows is a real-time strategy that launches today for Mac and Windows, but no Linux support on Steam. The games a unique take on the genre and does capture the interest. But not as much as seeing a native build.

“I’ve even worked on several real-time strategy games in the past. But, Sky Is Arrows is the first one to be in a 3D environment and programmed on C#. Combining my new skills with Unity that I used to create educational games, with my passion for creating real-time strategy games.”

Seeing this detail does not definitely outline a Linux release. The game engine does ring a bell. So we are eager to shed light on native support with a Discussion post via Steam. So those interested and eager to see Linux support can show that Tux love.

What is Sky Is Arrows?

A deep and twisted fantasy world with heroes, big battles, exploring weird locations, dodging traps, and permanent death. Players must be prepared to: Get their armies out of danger, protect their castle from attackers, and empower their hero enough— To desolate all enemies.

Sky Is Arrows Trailer (Windows, Mac and hopefully Linux)

Along the way Pick up item & gold chests, explore graveyards and visit shrines. Each Act is randomly generated to guarantee no play-through is ever the same.

Power up your hero. Focus your skill points on your hero’s attributes to have a warrior hero. Or level up a particular spell to make it all-powerful.

Difficulty increases over time and the game becomes more difficult.

Strengthen your hero enough to take on the final boss, or eventually fall to the onslaught of powered-up enemy heroes and armies.

Since I do own the game but have have yet to take a deep dive into gameplay. Thus far it’s good. And I know everyone has a different expectation of what “good” may be. So it’s to early to head off bragging about Sky Is Arrows just yet. But still, here’s hoping we see Linux support.

Sky Is Arrows launches on Steam:

Since the games launches on today on Steam for Mac and Windows. Priced at $9.99 USD with a 20% discount for the first week. Wine is an option. 🙂

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