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Skybolt Zack platform action support is coming

skybolt zack platform action support is coming for linux windows pc

Skybolt Zack platform action support is coming for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Devs Must Die. Which is due to release on Humble Store and via Steam.

Skybolt Zack is a brand new fast-paced arcade game. With his Rocket Punches Zack leaps from enemy to enemy. While destroying anything standing in his way. You will also match the colour of the enemies with the buttons on the gamepad. Since you are working to rid the world of Dr Kaz’s robot army. The games also listed for a Windows PC release. Due to go live on Steam on November 7th, 2019. But there is no listing for Linux.

Linux Support:

Our game is made with Unity. And we are not working on a Linux port right now. But will probably start it after the Skybolt Zack release.
While it’s “easy” to build thanks to Unity, none of us use Linux. So testing will require some time. Especially everything concerning gamepad compatibility.

The fact that Linux support is coming for Skybolt Zack is positive. This is looking like a fun platformer. That being said, I have also forwarded details regarding the Linux community. The use of Reddit for testing along with the Beta Branch. So more good news on the way soon.

Skybolt Zack Demo

Skybolt Zack has an extended their crowd scored demo challenge on Steam. The developer will also be giving away 5 game codes per day to twitter followers. These are chosen at random. As soon as Tier 4 has been unlocked. Therefore the sooner it unlocks, the more keys they release.

Also, due note. The Skybolt Zack DEMO works exceptionally well using Steam Play on Linux. Even controller integration works with my PS4 controller.

The demo challenge will now run until 5th November. Which is ahead of the full release on Steam for Windows PC. With Linux coming thereafter.

Skybolt Zack an all new take on high speed and reflex testing. The platformer action born out of ISART Digital. The Parisian video game school. Marking Green Man Gaming Publishing’s first ever console release. Launching simultaneously for Nintendo Switch and Steam for Windows PC on 7th November. Priced at $19.99 / £14.99 / €16.79 for Windows PC. Due to release on Humble Store and via Steam.