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Slaps And Beans 2 in finals hours and funded

slaps and beans 2 game in the final hours on kickstarter funding for linux mac windows pc

Slaps And Beans 2 game in the final hours on Kickstarter and passes funding for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to those who are supporting developer Trinity Team. Now down to a few hours left for the crowdfunding campaign.

Only a few more hours to support the Kickstarter project of Trinity Team and Buddy Productions. The fundraising campaign for the development of the second title, Slaps And Beans 2. The video game of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill is due to end on October 30th.

A total of 45 days to reach the goal €220,000 ($255,325 USD), which has passed funding. While offering more than 25 rewards available to supporters. Among the most popular are those that include the physical copy of the game or the collector’s edition. While the most daring supporters can get unusual prizes. Such as an arcade cabinet of the game or a visit to the development team.

Slaps And Beans 2 Kickstarter Trailer

Germany and Italy are confirmed in the first positions for a number of supporters. Followed by Austria, Spain, and Hungary.
Many features are also a part of the base goal for the Slaps And Beans 2 campaign. By passing the goal of 220k, the development for Linux, Mac, Windows PC are in place.

Localization in 12 languages, an unreleased story, a party mode, voiceovers, and new mini games. Since these are just some of the features of the new game. The Android and iOs mobile Slaps And Beans 2 release will be unlocked with the 250k goal. With the campaign in the final hours, there is still hope.

In addition, the combat system has an upgrade. While the Slaps And Beans 2 pixel art graphics offer more detail and there is a new play modes. Along with a solo/coop story mode and a party game mode for up to 4 players.

Currently, the fundraising has reached the base goal. The crowdfunding campaign runs until October 30th, so you can pledge this fantastic new game. Due to arrive on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC in December 2022.

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