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Slasher’s Keep will likely see a Linux release

slasher's keep will release on linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Slasher’s Keep a first-person roguelite with a focus on melee combat and loot. The games also coming to Steam Early Access for Windows. While no release date is available yet. The games release is coming to Linux and Ubuntu, later. At least according to developer Damian Schloter.

“I work alone and I want to keep the scope manageable. A linux version would be something for after release.”

So gameplay starts with you being imprisoned. Lleft to rot in the depths of Slasher’s Keep. A frightful construct towering above the forgotten forest wilds of Ool. While rulers came and went, the keep remained the final destination for the nation’s most undesirable elements. Many a scoundrel has tried and failed to escape its dungeons. All perilous as they are.
Will you share their fate? Or will you overcome the challenges involving the features below?

Since gameplay some resembles that of Immortal Redneck. The art style is what creates a unique feel. As Slasher’s Keephas the player wardind off baddies in the search for loot. Also somewhat typical for anyone eager to delve in such a roguelite.
Which brings about a lot of attention. So the games release could be a yay or nay. Yet the Early Access release will allow for community involvement. Shaping the singleplayer games full release some time in 2018.

Slasher’s Keep – Gameplay Teaser:

Slasher’s Keep Features:

  • Randomly generated levels
  • Various traps to trigger and secrets to find
  • Randomly generated items granting you stats and abilities
  • Dynamic melee combat with different swings and thrusts, as well as precise parrying
  • Smacking of enemies into spikes and chasms with your inventory sack
  • Variety of enemy types with different abilities
  • Numerous types of magic wands for ranged combat
  • Two playable characters to choose from with more to unlock
  • A drag-and-drop based crafting system
  • Cartoon graphics made up of cel-shaded models, hand-drawn sprites and even some procedural animation

So Slasher’s Keep does not have an official release date for Early Access. The games coming first to Windows, followed by Linux and Ubuntu. While spending, “five to seven months,” in Early Access. Therefore, we should have more news soon as the game releases.

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