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Slide new level editor and Workshop integration

slide new level editor and workshop integration in linux mac windows pc games

Slide strategy has a new level editor and Workshop support in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to the continuing effort of Red Chain Games. Releasing a massive update on Steam.

Slide has just been updated on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So the game now features a built-in level editor. And also full Steam Workshop integration.

Slide if you do not know is a puzzle game. Players must slide coloured blocks on to their corresponding goal squares. Once a block is moving. It will only stop when it hits something.

Since the the game includes over 100 levels. Now the addition of a built-in level editor expands further. And the same also goes for Steam Workshop integration. So users can create, upload and share levels. Allowing players around the world to share with one another.

Slide Trailer – Level Editor (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

In this massive update, we have also have a “Turbo Mode”. This also makes things move twice as fast. Which is perfect when experimenting to find a solution to a level. Or if you’re just in a hurry.

Slide will test your problem solving skills. Simply slide the coloured blocks on to their corresponding goals. Once you start a block moving, try not to hit anything. Sometimes you will have to time your moves. So that one block stops another.
There are over 100 levels to test you now. With the built-in level editor. Gameplay goes even further. Since you can create your own levels and share via Steam Workshop.

You can earn up to three stars per level in Slide. One for solving the problem. A second for beating the target time. And the third for beating the target number of moves. When you create your own levels in the editor. You must also prove that your targets are possible. Before you are permitted to upload.

Slide is available now on Steam. Also priced at only $2.99 USD. With releases for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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