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Slime-san Level Editor will get native support

Slime-san level editor will get linux support

Slime-san Level Editor will have Linux support. We received news about the upcoming debut. But now have confirmation for Linux support. Which is also going to really expand the game.

Linux Support:

“Absolutely! Steam release is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux!”

So that takes care of that. I mean it’s Slime-san, why would we not have native support?

Therefore if you are still hungry for more slimy goodness. The next free Slime-san patch will be the ultimate solution.
We are eager to announce the Slime-san Level Editor. Which also enables players to create and share your own levels with your friends and the world. Browse and rate levels online or share them directly via ID code. Also, the editor will feature full & friendly gamepad compatibility.

Slime-san’s developers Fabraz teamed up with David Laskey, from TumbleSeed fame. So they are making this the best experience you could imagine. To top it all off Meganeko will be creating a new track. While Del will delight us with another beautiful piece of artwork.

Slime-san Level Editor

Slime-san Level Editor for linux mac windows

With this feature-filled Level Editor you’ll truly be able to create and share your own unique levels and is estimated to release this Fall! The best part? We’ll be releasing it as a standalone game as well on Steam.

You will also be able to create a 4-room level using 75%ish. Including all the hazards, mechanics, objects, enemies and tiles from the game.

Speaking of platforms, it’s likely the Level Editor for Nintendo Switch is coming as a free update, too.

Slime-san currently holds a great 82 rating on metacritic. Enjoy Slime-san‘s slimetastic adventure, collect hundreds of apples, achievements and other collectibles. But don’t swim in stomach acid! That one’s important. And also self-evident, no?

Slime-san is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Priced at $11.99 USD on Steam and Humble Store.

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