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Slime-san: Sheeples Sequel games new release

slime-san Sheeples Sequel games new release for linux mac windows

Slime-san: Sheeples Sequel new release is an action adventure game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. The the base games already available, but this new edition will bring a host of features. Also, free for anyone who owns the base game.

Sheeple’s finally lost it. He is convinced that everything’s just part of a giant videogame. Assuming he is also a simple side-character. Which is why he decides to recode himself. So now becoming the villain instead.

So, can you defeat his nefarious levels and come out of it unscathed? Good luck!

Slime-san: Sheeples Sequel Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Slime-san: Sheeples Sequel Features:

  • 20 normal and 20 NG+ levels made by the insane Sheeple!
  • Dozens of unique hazards to tackle head-on!
  • Three special play styles: Slime-san, Shadow & Marble mode!
  • A utterly unique boss fight, can you defeat Sheeple’s machinations?
  • A brand new, rather bizarre… Target mode? Rhythm mode?
  • Speedrunning mode for DLC levels, compete in leaderboards!
  • 70 [BUGS] to collect and spend in an art gallery!
  • An expansive hub world: Sheeple’s Headquarters! Don’t get too weirded out!
  • A special mini-game…
  • Tons of customization options like a HUE slider!
  • Unique cutscenes and story elements!
  • Secret indie stars to discover and talk to!
  • Music by Meganeko & Mischa Perella!
  • Art by Del (Miimows)!

Disclaimer: If you own Slime-san, you will NOT need to purchase Slime-san: Sheeple’s Sequel separately. This title is included in Slime-san via an automatic update.

So this version only contains the downloadable content Sheeples Sequel. If you want to experience the main storyline. Then you will have to play the main game.

Slime-san is the fourth major game by developer Fabraz. The three previous titles being Planet Diver, Cannon Crasha and Wild Wild Pixel. Slime-san is a game that is fun down to its very core. A silly story, with an unlikely character and gameplay that is addictively fast. It features hours of single player content yet is great for speed runners as well. The very core mechanics and level design lend themselves to playing competitively online. It is a visually unique adventure using a carefully crafted. Hence the 5 color palette world that is full of fun. And also goofy Japanese references. Plus a soundtrack that is worth the price alone. Featuring some of the most popular chiptune composers in the world! Publishing is of course, Headup Games.

Steam and Humble release in games:

Slime-san: Sheeples Sequel release is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows February 5th, 2018. Free for existing owners. While priced at $11.99 USD via Steam and Humble Store.

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