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Smith and Winston voxel shooter hits Steam

smith and winston voxel shooter hits steam games for linux mac windows

Smith and Winston is a twin stick voxel shooter on Steam and Itch for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games release is available thanks to Execution Unit. After four years of development are entering Early Access for roughly 2 – 3 months. The games reviews are look good so far.

Since the design of Smith and Winston is a twin stick voxel shooter. This also means limitless level destruction, exploration and full 3D combat. Featuring hand-crafted, high definition and voxel levels. That the game looks really good. I was half expecting something kind of 8-bit like. But the graphics are solid with fluid mechanics.

Developer Execution Unit has the philosophy, “if you can see it, you can destroy it.” Which definitely works for me.

Guide Smith and Winston, two hapless adventurers, as you explore a shattered ring world and uncover its dark secrets. Fight the aliens, uncover the truth of the mysterious VOID and prevent impending doom.

Smith and Winston voxel shooter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Twin stick shooter controls.
  • 360° fast paced gun combat in full 3D world.
  • Intelligent navigating enemies.
  • Metroid style exploration.
  • One hit death.
  • Hand built levels.
  • Multiple strategies to complete each objective.
  • Range of collectable heads for fun.
  • Two player Co-op destruction.
  • Global, national and local high score system.
  • Twin stick controller support.

Since it’s been a long four years creating unique technology to create the engine. While working to make development flexible enough to showcase Smith and Winston at 60 fps, including the massively destructive environments. Development will continue of the next couple of months.
While the full version of the game will include split screen two player coop. Also Steam cloud saves, leaderboards, a story mode to complement the arcade gameplay mode. As well as even more polishing.

With a fully destructible environment, Ikari Warrior and Metroid influences, the design challenges were immense but we think we’ve cracked it and made it look as sexy as hell!

Smith and Winston the twin stick voxel shooter is available on both Steam and Itch. Priced at $9.99 USD for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also, the price will increase closer to the Full Release.

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