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Smoke and Sacrifice RPG coming May 31st

smoke and sacrifice survival rpg coming May 31st into linux mac windows games

Smoke and Sacrifice is an impressive survival RPG coming to Linux, Mac and Windows on May 31st via Steam. The games developer is a London-based independent studio, Solar Sail Games. Who are also working with award-winning publisher, Curve Digital.

Announce the stunning, hand-animated survival RPG Smoke and Sacrifice. Which is set for release on May 31st on Linux, Mac and Windows. Set in a darkly fantastical world where grotesque creatures roam and harsh societal customs rule. Where players assume the role of Sachi, a young mother on a quest to discover the fate of her child.

Linux release:

“At the moment, we have no current plans for a Linux version, but as a Linux user myself it’s something that is close to my heart, so we’ll be discussing this internally.”

Since gameplay takes cues from modern survival classics. Smoke and Sacrifice also evolves the genre with its deeply personal story and complex ecosystem. Creatures forage, mate, breed and prey on one another, creating a living world.

So it’s only by taming the game’s wilds can Sachi hope to unravel the mystery. Which is at the heart of Smoke and Sacrifice.

Smoke and Sacrifice RPG coming to Windows, hopefully Linux

“We’re thrilled to announce the release date for the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of Smoke and Sacrifice,” said Tancred Dyke-Wells, Co-Founder of Solar Sail Games. “Player feedback since we revealed the game has been wonderful. At shows such as EGX Rezzed and GDC as well as online. We’ve been hard at work making this is the most narratively ambitious survival game yet. Creating a beautiful, hostile world for the player to explore alongside a deep. With a robust crafting system.”

“It’s been so heartening to see Smoke and Sacrifice resonate with players since its reveal in February,”  said Simon Byron, Publishing Director at Curve Digital. “Neil and Tancred have crafted an emotional and engaging experience that breathes new life into survival gameplay. Wwith its deep narrative and gorgeously realised world.”

Depicted in a beautiful, hand-drawn style. Smoke and Sacrifice’s storybook visuals belie its brutal story of motherhood and survival. Sachi doesn’t just have to worry about the the games antagonists. Since the entire game world poses a threat.

Since, players can alter the behaviour of plant and animal life. But this may also limit the resources Sachi has to craft items from. While the deadly smoke poses unique challenges throughout the game. Altering enemy as well as player behaviour.

Steam release:

Smoke and Sacrifice will launch on Steam, May 31st 2018 for Windows and hopefully Linux. While priced at $24.99 / £19.99 / €24.99 with a 20% discount for its first 2 weeks of sale.