Snakes – N – Ladders : Origins – Episode 1 releases on Steam

snakes - n - ladders : origins - episode 1 releases on steam linux

So every ancient games origins has a #backstory. Hence Snakes-N-Ladders: Origins – Episode 1 is scripted from an exciting Sci-Fi perspective. So this is a story of how the ancient Snakes-N-Ladders #boardgame came to be.

Millions of years ago the galaxy was devastated by a terrifying war between the Humans and Reptilians. Since it all began on a dark desolate Earth-like swamp-filled forest world, set in a distant uncharted corner of the galaxy. Here a Galactic-TriAlliance Officer faces off with serpent-like Reptilians while searching for an Artefacts. One that could change the fate of the galaxy. So Episode 1 delves into this first encounter between the two species, before the galactic war began.

So Snakes-N-Ladders: Origins – Episode 1 is a fun and intense shooter. Hence the games experiences start with a slow rhythm and end with a big bang! A similar vibe but completely different from say The Uncertain.

So where is the games Linux release?

So developer Sagnithi Systems Technology Solutions have outlined that a Linux build will be in the works. Of course this will have be in the mix with game updates, bug fixes and changes for the Unreal Engine 4 title. Yet the studio is “Not sure about an exact release date at the moment.”

“Now that the main game is ready I will give a try at the Linux version.”

What’s in Episode 1?

  • Type: Sci-Fi Story based Action Shooter
  • Camera Perspective: First Person
  • Map: 1 – A single large forest
  • Levels: 6
    • First level is the forest floor
    • Next 3 levels are each a stage higher up in altitude in the map
    • Last 2 levels are different in nature
  • Average Duration: 1 hour

What comes with the Mini Game?

  • Access: Unlocked mini game after completing Episode 1
  • Type: Mission based Hunting Strategy
  • Camera Perspective: First Person
  • Map: 1 – Same single large forest
  • Levels: 1 – The hunting mission
  • Average Duration: Unpredictable

Episode 1 Features:

  • Read/Listen to text/audio logs to learn about the story and your objectives
  • Collect body-armor to increase health capacity
  • Use different weapons to destroy your enemies. The weapons are not a choice, they are a necessity.
  • Fight different enemies as you go to each level
  • Plenty of ammo around
  • Auto health-regeneration
  • The indispensable flashlight
  • A Save station at each level of the game
  • In-game Auto-save to continue from a key location/time in the game the next time you play, without having to Save at a Save station.

The Hunt – Mini Games Features:

  • Try your hunting skills on this unique enemy
  • Use binocular/motion-tracker mode to track the enemy
  • Hide in the bushes or on top of small trees; waiting in ambush for, or fleeing away from, the enemy.
  • You have only one weapon at your disposal
  • There are no health dispensers other than your auto health-regenerator, and it’s slow.
  • No in-game Auto-save, only one Save station.
  • Map is the same forest as Episode 1; but you only hunt on the forest floor, not the stages above.
  • Remember, while you are hunting him, he is hunting you; and he can do the same things that you can, plus some more.
  • It’s just you… and him…

Snakes-N-Ladders: Origins – Episode 1 launches today on Steam for Windows PC. The Linux build is a definite, but we have not had to test the build on Wine.

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