SNOW gets new Update improvements and will be coming to Linux and Mac

SNOW will be coming to Linux and Mac

SNOW is a very promising #openworld skiing/snowboarding game that’s currently available in #EarlyAccess on Steam. It’s #CryEngine-powered, full of branded gear and getting better all the time. And SNOW, a game build for riders, will be coming to Linux and Mac.

Mid-May the team at Poppermost launched the “M3” update to its open-mountain skiing/snowboarding game. The team is actually making the game better all the time, using Early Access for… well, intended purposes. Madness!

Here are the details of the update:

  • Multiplayer is now available for all users
  • Main Menu updated with new functionality
  • Visual and Gameplay options added to Main Menu
  • Store redesigned
  • Skis now use both left and right graphics
  • You can now customize your character while in-game
  • Session Markers have been implemented
  • New in-air rotation system
  • Rework persistent player profile
  • Improved half-pipe gameplay
  • In-game UI and Spawn Selection have been updated to a new style

Linux Game News caught up with Poppermost Game Director, Alexander Bergendahl, and of course we are keen to know the details: where do things stand for the Linux and Mac release?

We’re working on it.. still missing a few files that we need to compile the game. But once we have it running we will definitely release on Linux and OSX without delay!

Not at all a bad sign, seeing Alexander is putting some serious effort into making sure SNOW will be awesome.  And, if you are a fan of ski/snowboard games like we are, you can watch for updates on the official SNOW Tumblr.

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