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Snowtopia ski resort management port coming later

snowtopia ski resort management port coming later to steam for linux releasing now on windows pc

Snowtopia ski resort management port coming later to Steam for Linux, but releases now on Windows PC. Thanks to developer TeaForTwo Games and publisher Goblinz Studio (Legend of Keepers, As Far As The Eye). Which release via Steam Early Access and on GOG.

The arrival of the ski resort management game Snowtopia brings a few queries for Linux. While carelessly hitting the slopes is an elusive pipe dream for many this year. However, with all the excitement in the Steam comments, this is not a day one release. Despite an early comment in the thread suggesting “in less than 4 hours”. Following with “the ski lifts are open”, which is confusing. Later stating that Linux “will arrive later during early access.”

Since development is using Unity 3D. Those eager to take as dive into the Linux demo can do so via With port coming later during early access. But still this gives players a decent impression of the game.

Snowtopia gameplay brings a breath of fresh air as well as some powder. While players build the ski resort of their dreams, from mountain trails to ski lifts. Not to mention the revered patios at the end of the descent. Ski, build and relax: the mountain is calling you.

Snowtopia – Early Access Release Trailer

Snowtopia is a management game for all and particularly fun. The game leaves aside the financial desires and focuses on the pleasure of skiers. While offering the genre a whole new approach to resource management. Due to appeal to fans of the genre as well as ski addicts. The dynamic creation tool allows you to easily draw the layout of the different slopes. So players can add the appropriate lifts to the different terrains on the mountain side. But don’t forget to keep an eye out for the queues. Letting impatient descenders find a solution of your own.

A quality ski resort is a guarantee of gleaning new skiers of all types. So you can explore the slopes, invest in the patios and devour the food. Which is prepared with love in the resort’s restaurants. Repair faulty ski lifts, prepare the slopes and cleverly issue mountain patrols for Snowtopia safety. A happy skier will express his thanks by thanking the range of people managing the daily life of the resort. Allowing everyone to fully benefit from the experience of the winter.

Throughout Early Access, an avalanche of new features will be added to the game. Even though the port is coming, you can also expect avalanches, dynamic weather, snow cannons, and a ski school. Plus additional buildings and new types of personnel. Modding is also on the agenda. So that players can customize their ski resort in every detail.

Snowtopia ski resort management port is coming for Linux which is still TBD. While playable on Windows PC via Steam Early Access and on GOG. Priced at $22.49 USD including the 10% discount.

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