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Soda Crisis side-scrolling shooter has a port?

soda crisis side-scrolling shooter game has a linux port with windows pc

Soda Crisis side-scrolling shooter game launches with a Linux port beside Windows PC. All due to the work and efforts of developer Team Soda. Available now on Steam impressive 90% Very Positive reviews.

Team Soda, the studio behind 2021’s sleeper indie hit Snake Force, has brewed a mouthwatering gameplay treat. Hence side-scrolling shooter Soda Crisis available now on Steam. Contains all the ingredients needed for an exciting and action-packed offering. Soda Crisis equips players with high-tech gear and expert combat skills. You will need to dodge, dive and dash through a dangerous futuristic world. All the action is paired with a sweet, bass-heavy soundtrack. Due to give players an extra energy boost.

Looking at SteamDB, there seems to be a Linux binary available. Well, after installing Soda Crisis, we do indeed have Linux support. And it looks like game even launches with a Mac build as well. Plus the game runs well, as well as being seriously impressive.

soda crisis linux install files

Soda Crisis New Trailer

Taking the role of a living weapon of alien origins. Soda Crisis players will taste a sugar rush of side-scrolling chaos that tests a range of skills. Including platforming, grappling, and sprinting. Standing in their way are an eclectic mix of enemies to face-off against. Since they range from wall cannons covering all angles to armored tanks dropping rolling explosives.

A variety of weapons ensure a well stocked arsenal to do maximum damage. The loadouts can also be restocked or changed-up at checkpoints. Players can then utilize the tactical potential of the battlefield to out-run, out-gun and out-jump their opponents. This is achieved through making full use of vital checkpoints that can recharge health and reload weapons. Due to help along their way through multiple levels. From the close quarters combat of the dimly lit laboratory. All the way to the exposed roof of a freight train speeding through the desert with nowhere to take cover. Soda Crisis certainly serves up something new and unexpected at every step.

Soda Crisis currently offers a single-player campaign and a speedrun mode. All due to pushing players to the limits. Since only the best will post that record time without bottling it at the last moment.


  • 100% action blending side-scrolling, bullet-hell, and more
  • A number of explosive weapons to wield on the battlefield
  • 130 BPM and rising in the pumping soundtrack
  • Sugary sweet visuals are also a treat to look at
  • Countless unnerving foes to mow down and clear out on the way to victory
  • Extra portions are available in the speed run mode for those hungry for more

Soda Crisis side-scrolling shooter game launches on Steam. Also priced at $10.99 USD / £8.29 / 8,99€. Players can get a taste of the energy and action on the Soda Crisis menu with the free demo. Both the main game and Demo have support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.