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Soda Dungeon 2 native port with viable support

soda dungeon 2 linux port with enough game support beside windows pc

Soda Dungeon 2 Linux port could happen with enough support for the game, alongside the Windows PC build. According to developer AN Productions. Which is coming to Steam, due to release in 2020.

The original Soda Dungeon has a 90% Very Positive review score on Steam. And also has a Platinum support score on ProtonDB.
Naturally, we had to also check out on Soda Dungeon 2. Since the game is being developed in Unity 3D. Also a sequel to the popular original. Similarly, downloaded millions of times across iOS, Android, and Steam.

Linux Support:

Honestly we would probably just need a lot more requests for such a port.
Even though Unity makes the port process (fairly) easy. It can still take 1-2 days to build and push a full update for all three platforms at once.
Each platform we add increases this difficulty. As we don’t want one platform to fall behind. Each platform also tends to have their own quirks that need to be remembered.
We’ve heard multiple times from other devs. That revenue from OSX and Linux ports simply isn’t worth it.

So there you have it, even for a free to play gamelike Soda Dungeon 2. It still comes down to demand. And also whether or not it’s “worth it”. Even if Unity 3D makes releasing a port fairly easy.
Since AN Productions is a two person team. So we have to give them some leeway. But I created a Discussions post to show your Tux Love or +1. Here’s hoping we see that Linux support after all.

Soda Dungeon 2 Teaser

In Soda Dungeon 2, players find themselves fixing up a tavern. Which also happens to rest at the foot of a mysterious, sprawling dungeon. By hiring adventurers enticed by the sodas on tap. Players build a party to venture into the dungeon. Searching for equipment and treasure. Combat plays out through classic turn-based battles. So that players have the option to turn on auto-combat and let their party take control. Upon returning to the tavern. Players spend their loot to upgrade the tavern. And as a result, unlock new surrounding buildings. Like the blacksmith, arena, and more.

Said developer Shawn Tanner, “We’re constantly amazed by all the support we’ve received from Soda Dungeon fans. We’ve made every effort to incorporate the feedback and suggestions from our community. To ensure that this sequel remains true to the original. While also making sure to add fun new content and features.”

Soda Dungeon 2 boasts a variety of new features over its predecessor. Notable additions are the ability to craft gear. Define custom combat commands. Earn dungeon progress even while offline, and more.
Like the original, the sequel places an emphasis on being fair to the player. So that every in-game item may be purchased with currency you can earn. Simply by playing the game. There are no timers or paywalls. Players will also be able to transfer their save file freely between Steam, Android, and iOS. Also ensuring they can play the game whenever and wherever they choose.

Soda Dungeon 2 is coming to Windows PC in 2020. There is no fixed release date yet. While a Linux port still needs community support to make it happen.

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