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Soda Story – Brewing Tycoon aims at Proton

soda story - brewing tycoon casual management game proton support for linux via windows pc

Soda Story – Brewing Tycoon casual management game aims at Proton support for Linux via Windows PC. According to recent details from developer Upper Class Walrus. Due to make its way onto Steam later this year.

Soda Story – Brewing Tycoon is an adventurous casual management game. One where you take on the challenge of running a soda brewing operation. All while taking part in the current season of the hit reality TV show “Prisoneers.”

As a prisoner, you are selected at the very last minute to take a part in a competition. One that is also famously full of rivalries. Since e everyone is trying to become the best of the best. With fame, fortune, and time off from prison sentences up for grabs. It’s due to be a fierce battle.

Soda Story – Brewing Tycoon offers hope for those in despair. Upper Class Walrus have alternate plans for the game.

…it may be playable anyway using Steams Proton software which allows Linux users to play Windows games

The game is being created in Unity 3D. So even though porting would be easy enough. The developer has more hope for Proton support over creating a native build. Not a total lost. Since the game has platinum support via ProtonDB. A plus for Linux gamers willing to settle for using the API. If you’re not inspired, you may want to check out the trailer.

Soda Story – Brewing Tycoon Trailer

Master the art of brewing Soda by testing hundreds of flavors and combo’s. Will your new recipe become a big hit with the fans? Or, will it end up causing revolting side effects?

Automate your Soda Story – Brewing Tycoon labors. Use Soda Brewers, SodaBots, Flavor Analyzers, and more. There’s also a range of unusual machinery and devices to research, build, and use to your benefit.

Explore your Warehouse, your rival Warehouses, and the nearby Compound. What secrets might you find? What tricks can you play to gain an edge?


  • Test out hundreds of different flavors and combo’s
  • Research, build and utilize machinery to automate your operation
  • Explore your warehouse, your rival warehouses, and the surrounding compound
  • Discover secrets, ruin the competition, and avoid revenge

So, become the best soda brewing prisoner in Soda Story – Brewing Tycoon. Due to release in Q3 2022 for Windows PC via Steam. While offering Linux support via Proton.

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