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Softkinetic Releases Beta Version 3.0 Of Iisu Gesture Recognition Middleware

Middleware maker Softkinetic has released an open beta for version 3.0 of its iisu gesture recognition tools, offering new features that improve the software’s interface and integration with outside code.

Iisu works with any 3D camera, allowing users to easily convert raw depth data into recognizable gestures that can activate various procedures in games and applications.

The new version improves on the previous version 2.8, which was announced at March’s Game Developer’s Conference, by offering a new gesture library that allows for drag-and-drop gesture creation, along with a new toolbox that provides live performance data and analytics from depth-sensing cameras.

The free edition of iisu 3.0 also offers full skeleton tracking for the first time, as well as a large library of samples to get projects running quickly.

Gestures created in iisu 3.0 can be integrated with projects in environments including Flash, Unity3D, C++, C and C#. The iisu SDK works with both Linux and Windows.

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