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Sol705 funded one day before Kickstarter ends

sol705 point n click free demo and kickstarter for linux mac windows

Sol705 is a 2D point n click graphic adventure funded by hitting the Kickstarter goal for Linux, Mac and Windows. Doing so one day ahead of the crowdfunding campaign deadline and 100% funded.

Sol705 has a unique setting: a small town from Argentina in the 1970’s. Since there are UFO sightings, progressive rock and a bunch of wacky rascals. Players have to be ready for all kind of challenges and puzzles. These are just some of the things that bring this story to life.

Kickstarter Campaign Funded

The graphic adventure has been successfully funded with 10’000 dollars pledged by more than 250 backers. This is indeed some positive news. Since the team also did so with 24 extra hours to support the project. Along with some of awesome rewards.

Sol705 Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Which is great, but honestly, the Kickstarter should have done better. The reviews on Steam are holding a 84% Positive for the demo alone. Also quite good for a demo and not an Early Access release.

Also that demo the team has been working on for almost a year.  Releasing a few months back. Since then, it’s been getting amazing reception from both the public. Which clearly did not carry over into the Kickstarter campaign. And this seems to come down to exposure.

The powerful sense of nostalgia that this game aims to deliver is viable. Even to those who do not live in either Argentina or the 70’s. But some how manages to reach many people. Not only because of its charming aesthetic that evokes a sense of childhood remembrance. But also because of the 5 languages the game sees translations for so far. These are english, spanish, russian, german, portuguese and french.

Free demo

The Demo episode is free on for Linux, Mac and Windows. As well as on Steam for PC and Mac.

So follow on Twitter, Facebook and of course check out the official website.

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