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Sol705 point n click Free Demo and Kickstarter

sol705 point n click free demo and kickstarter for linux mac windows

Sol705 is a 2D point n click graphic adventure with a free demo and coming to Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, Windows. Since the demo has great reviews on Steam with an 85% Positive rating. This makes posting news that much easier.

So the gameplay has a unique setting. A small town from Argentina in the 1970’s. UFO sightings, progressive rock and a bunch of wacky rascals. Already full of challenges and puzzles. Since these are just some of the things this story has to offer.

Sol705 Kickstarter Campaign

The graphic adventure is going to be the focus of a Kickstarter Campaignstarting on Tuesday May 8th, 2018.

So the demo the team has been out for almost a year. With a release a few months back. Since then, it’s been getting amazing reception from the public and press alike.

Sol705 official point n click trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • 2D graphics with animations of great quality with the pixel-toon style.
  • Exquisite hand-drawn backgrounds and dozen of ultra weird characters.
  • An original soundtrack that goes from punk to the most awkward symphonic rock from the 70’s.
  • Super funny puzzles and amazing vintage stuff to collect and use!.
  • Full english voiced with spanish, french, english, russian and german dialogues.
  • This adventure plays honor to the great Lucas Arts, Sierra and Delphine software of yore.

The powerful sense of nostalgia that this game aims to deliver. Even to those who never lived in neither Argentina or the 70’s. The games also able to reach many people. Not only because of its charming aesthetic. Since it evokes a sense of childhood remembrance. But also because of the point n click has translations for 5 languages. And so far this is english, spanish, russian, german, portuguese and french.

Free demo

Demo episode is on Free on for Linux, Mac and Windows or Steam for Windows and Mac.

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