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Solace Crafting survival RPG coming to Linux

solace crafting survival rpg coming to linux gaming 2017

Since Solace Crafting is a distance based fantasy survival RPG coming in #2017. While Linux, Mac and Windows players get thrown into a foreign dimension of #gaming. Since they are challenged at first to survive the elements and human needs. Gathering resources, conquering challenges and uncovering secret areas. Because it’s our duty to help us all grow stronger and travel through increasingly dangerous landscapes.
Yet through exploration, building, and adventure, we must find a way home. While facing the evil devouring our home planet. We must travel astral planes and parallel dimensions. While trying to stop the multiverse from coming apart at the seams. Yes this is the brave new adventure that awaits in Solace Crafting.

So really, Solace Crafting is a fantasy RPG. While also a creative outlet for gamers, allowing extreme customization of everything. Which includes appearance, skills, equipment and housing. So players have completely open classes with unlimited levels, to fully customizable crafting recipes. Therefore player uniqueness is a top priority. And if you like to craft, build, or try out different characters. This is Solace Crafting, offering near limitless personalization and replay value. Due to the creative pseudo-realistic fantasy mutiverse.

Solace Crafting Features

  • 48km (~30mi) extreme viewing distance of biomes, encounters, and more
  • Distance based difficulty in fully procedural worlds: 3km = 1 level
  • Procedural monsters, quests, and encounters
  • Highly customizable “recipeless” crafting and enchanting systems
  • No class-based equipment limitations
  • “No rules” player generation allowing any color, shape, size or “race”
  • Completely open classes with branching and evolving skilltrees
  • Adaptive building interface makes large scale projects a breeze
  • Non-physics based buildings will never break or decay
  • Craft and place teleport crystals to travel instantly across vast distances
  • No mini-games, no loading bars, no timers, no chance based mechanics
  • No pay-to-play, no pay-to-win, updates/expansions free of charge

So the art style are interesting. Seeing a release is coming for Linux, Mac and Windows PC this December. Yet offering a slightly different survival RPG aspect to gaming in 2017. Since we have an abundance of similar games, we are keen to see Solace Crafting evolve.

For more details about Solace Crafting, check out the official website.

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