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Solar Settlers card-driven strategy launches

solar settlers card-driven strategy launches in linux mac windows games

#SolarSettlers is a space exploration card-driven strategy game for Linux, Mac and #Windows. While set in the far future and currently available on Steam. So our sun is on the verge of collapse and so mankind has taken to the stars. Since the story takes place aboard the #games colony ships to seek out a new home. Since you are the caretaker of one such ship. Yet the players must carefully manage the planets you find, the technology cards you posses and fellow colonists. Since they gradually awaken from a long cryo-sleep. In order to scratch out a new cradle for humanity.

Solar Settlers Trailer:

Solar Settlers Features:

  • Unlockable cards, races, FTL-Style events and more!
  • Weekly challenge mode with leaderboards.
  • 5 Playable races
  • Ladder/ranking system + procedural generation for endless replayability.
  • A satisfying strategic experience in 15 minutes or less.
  • Another unique and engaging system created by BrainGoodGames for a great strategic experience.

Since Solar Settlers combines and remixes many elements of euro-style designer board games. While creating a thoughtful, interesting and deep experience. A large collection of homeworlds, technology cards and deep space cards. All together with BrainGoodGames’ staple single-player ladder. While including a random map generation. Ensuring Solar Settlers will stay interesting and replayable for many games yet to come.

Personally, I have not played Solar Settlers, yet. But I am intrigued, since card-driven strategy games are not my style. Yet BrainGoodGames have created something a bit more intriguing. Catering to somewhat strategy fans with a reasonable learning curve. Which gives me hope.

So, Solar Settlers is currently available on Steam with a 15% discount until July 28th. Yet the singleplayer card-driven strategy games playble on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Solar Settlers is the 5th game from Canadian game design studio BrainGoodGames. The creators of Militia, Axes and Acres, SkyBoats and Minos Strategos. So BrainGoodGames is committed to making fun, engaging single-player strategy games. Since they combine random generation with a single-player ladder. So players can take on the challenge of games replayable campaigns. Which is exactly what Solar Settlers offers gamers.

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