SolarFall Games expecting to release Alpha for Umbra in early 2016 on Linux and Windows PC


Umbra is an #openworld action #RPG for Linux and Windows PC, taking place in a corrupted world that is falling apart. Players take on the roll of a former soldier, forced to flee the death penalty because of your magic powers. Being tracked down by humans and hunted by the monsters of the Wild, then recruited by a mysterious group of Templars, and thus your epic adventure begins…

Developers SolarFall just released a Kickstarter update #announcing the Alpha release in early 2016:

The development of the game is still keeping us very busy, and because we want provide you the best early access possible, we chose to delay the release of the game to early 2016. That way, it will give us more time to improve the version and include a bit more content that we originally planned. We are building some very exciting features, such as a brutal boss fight, a nice fraction of the open world to be explored and much more !

Many asked about the removal of the pre-order shop from our website : The reason of its disappearance is due to the fact that we are currently integrating the game to Steam in order to start the Early Access. Once done, (hopefully soon enough) the pre-order page will be opened again, so stay tuned, the wait should not be too long !


  • Open World – Discover the world and enjoy it at your own convenience.
  • Exploration and experimentation – rewards based on your play style.
  • Free character development – No class limitation.
  • Apocalyptic Form – Develop special powers based on how you play.
  • Tons of Loot – Weapons, Armor, Potions and random magic effects.
  • Semi procedural Weaponry – Blades, pommel, etc.
  • Advanced Crafting mini-game – Build your own weapons and armors.
  • Tons of Destructible environments – We hope you enjoy it!
  • Housing – Create your own house and showcase your work.
  • Complete story – full of secrets to discover while exploring the world.

We are awaiting further news of the upcoming release, so we will update this post accordingly. And for those who are just ask excited about this news can follow the SollarFall Games YouTube channel for actual gameplay. Marking a very stunning CryEngine game with a great deal of features on Linux and Windows PC.

About SolarFall Games
SolarFall Games is a small French game developer located in Nice. The team is composed of passionate individuals who are working hard to develop their first game Umbra, an action hack ‘n’ slash.



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