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Solasta RPG funding and native support update

solasta crown of the magister rpg funding and linux support update mac windows pc

Solasta: Crown of the Magister funding and we have Linux support update, along Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to French independent developer, Tactical Adventures. Which is also crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Currently at $196,398 USD pledged of the $198,042 USD goal. So the campaign is literally 99% funded.

So naturally, there is a close eye on Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Since the campaign’s funding is literally almost complete. The turn-based tactical RPG is based on the SRD 5.1 ruleset. And doing so by the co-founder of the studio that made Endless Legend.

Due to the success of the campaign. Wizards of the Coast has granted the developer a license. Allowing the dev’s to use the Dungeons & Dragons SRD 5.1 content and rules. Further supporting the Solasta: Crown of the Magister funding goal. Tactical Adventures also has a completely free, one-hour pre-alpha Demo. Likewise, this demo also Borks on Linux via Steam Play. But the native support requests are coming in via Steam. Therefore, we reached out to Tactical Adventures for a support update.

Linux Support Update:

We’re using Unity. Currently, a Linux port is not planned. We’re focusing on Windows PC first, then Mac. And then depending on the success of the game, we might add more platforms to support.

The use of Unity 3D should allow the Demo to be functional, but alas. Seeing the release is due January 2021. There is time to get that Wishlist support in via Steam. And I would hope a Linux test build as well. Or at least a playable version via Proton. Until Tactical Adventures can deem the platform worthy.

Now, to also give you more of a first look. Critical Role, the smash hit show. You know, the one that featuring popular voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons. Well, they recently featured a gameplay session. With a full play through of the Solasta: Crown of the Magister’s Free demo. Check it out below.

Critical Role free demo play through

The dynamic and mysterious world of Solasta features elements of honor. While allowing players to use their surroundings as part of the strategy. Players can position ranged characters on high vantage points. And also send their thief down into shafts and caverns. So they can scope out what’s ahead.
In Solasta, light is a tool to explore the depths and dungeons. Which you can use as a weapon against the creatures of the dark. But if not careful, it can also give away the party’s position.
This is a unique team-based adventure. Due to each character playing a critical role in the campaign. Allowing players to take advantage of each character’s strengths and weaknesses. And hopefully, succeed in the process.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister Kickstarter Trailer

“We are absolutely happy with the response Solasta has been receiving. On top of it, garnering the license from Wizards of the Coast is a big step forward for the game,” said Mathieu Girard, founder of Tactical Adventures and Creative Director of the game. “We are eager to fully embrace the SRD5 rules. And the license opens up many more creative opportunities. Building Solasta as our fans expect.”

Solasta: Crown of the Magister Features:

  • VerticalitySolasta is a three-dimensional world. Rather than a series of flat maps. So you can explore locations by climbing walls or flying. Even teleport, crawl through tunnels and finding secret passages. Unlike other games, you can fall through unstable ground. Allowing the player to use the setting to take on encounters in various ways.
  • Team Based Adventure: The player will have many options to choose from. Such as races, classes, abd backgrounds. Youc can also roll for stats as you create their party. All members are essential, of course. Together you will adventure through Solasta as a group. So this time must work together in the pursuit of your quest.
  • Tactical CRPG: Each encounter can be handled in multiple ways. Will you use the high ground to strike your enemies from above as a Darkweaver Rogue? Or shove your enemies into deep chasms as a Mountaineer Fighter? Your choices alone will determine the destiny of your party.
  • Light: Light will not only help to see your surroundings as you explore underground or in a dungeon. This can also be a weapon against the light-fearing creatures. But be careful, though. Light can also give away your position.
  • Created by Tabletop Players: Tactical Adventures is a team of highly experienced Tabletop players. Including veteran game developers who are passionate about the genre. Striving to create the best Tactical RPG game.
  • Kickstarter: Tactical Adventures is giving players the opportunity to be heard. Simpley by joining the community and backing Solastaon Kickstarter. The campaign features an amazing tiered reward system. Along with that free hour pre-alpha demo (Windows PC) available on Steam.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister is now available to back on Kickstarter. Hopefully, the support update helps clarify Linux.

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