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Soldat 2 shooter starts multiplayer testing

soldat 2 competitive shooter starts multiplayer testing linux mac windows pc

Soldat 2 shooter starts multiplayer testing due to arrive on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Transhuman Design. Due to arrive later this year on Steam Early Access.

Soldat 2 multiplayer testing is now open. Since the developer starts multiplayer testing. Players can sign up and help create the best possible multiplayer. This is also the direct successor of Soldat. Coming back in Autumn 2020.

Since the game is due to make it’s debut on Early Access. After that release, game creation will focus on community and player feedback. Thanks to the creative efforts of Michal “MM” Marcinkowski. Who is also the indie game creator of the original Soldat. As well as King Arthur’s Gold.

Soldat 2 will recreate the basic Soldat gameplay. While including fresh and more enhanced content. As well as as being able to customize and mod as a core feature. Since gameplay is due to include procedurally generated levels. Likewise, this will also mean custom game rules and modes. Along with weapons, vehicles, structures and a battle simulator sandbox. While Soldat 2 aims to be a powerful platform for custom content and mods.

Soldat 2 alpha raw gameplay w/bots

Soldat was always developed together with the community. So, Soldat 2 will be no different. Together we’ll make the best possible multiplayer shooter!” – says the creator Michal “MM” Marcinkowski.

Soldat 2 will be similar to classic Soldat. Since it’s also a 2.5D multiplayer military shooter. But with an ever expanding workshop community. So that you can customize every part of the battle. Ranging from from level generation to the weapons. Even the soldiers and game modes give you options to create your game.

What excites me are the three different gameplay tiers. Such as classic competitive and class based realistic mode. Plus an experimental sandbox. So that all players will have a chance to create a variety of gameplay options.

After making Soldat Open Source in April 2020. MM is planning to release the Soldat 2 sequel in Q4 2020. Aiming for Linux, Mac and Windows PC support. But if you want to contribute now, then sign up.

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