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Soldat 2 shooter gets a new native Steam Demo

soldat 2 shooter gets a new linux steam demo for linux mac windows pc

Soldat 2 competitive shooter gets a Linux and Windows PC Steam Demo. Thanks to developer Transhuman Design. Which you can now play on Steam ahead of the Early Access release.

Michal “MM” Marcinkowski, indie game developer of Transhuman Design. Who is also the creator of the legendary SOLDAT and King Arthur’s Gold. Even more, reveals the newest demo of Soldat 2. Which certainly has a singleplayer Linux build. So you can play it now on the Live Stream during the Steam Game Festival.

“I’ll be live streaming the Soldat 2 Steam Demo. And giving you an overview of what to expect in the full version. If there’s time I’ll also show you the development version. With parts of the game that aren’t yet publicly available. Like the level editor and other game modes.” – says the creator Michal “MM” Marcinkowski.
“Please ask me questions, tell me what you like and what you don’t like. If you remember Soldat 1 and want to ask some nostalgia related questions. I’ll be happy to answer those too! Come and join my stream it’ll be fun!!” – he adds.

Soldat 2 – Steam Game Festival Trailer

STEAM interviewed MM on the occasion of the Festival:

Soldat 2 is certainly the most difficult game I’ve ever made. Mostly because of the expectations I put on myself. Similarly, I think if I just did the same thing with a bit more polished graphics and bug fixes. Most people would be happy. But I also never go the easy route. So, there is an enormous amount of pressure I put on myself. I decided Soldat 2 has to be as good as the first one and even better”. – he says.

Soldat 2 a direct successor to the 2D multiplayer shooter Soldat. Since the game took the Internet and LAN parties by storm in the early 2000’s. While developed to be a 2.5D multiplayer military competitive shooter. All based on classic Soldat with an expanding workshop community. Above all, customization of every part of the battle. From level generation to the weapons, soldiers and game modes. Likewise, after making SOLDAT Open Source in April 2020. MM is planning to release the sequel in Q3 2020 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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