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Soldat 2 2D shooter has a native Demo

soldat 2 shooter has a native demo for linux mac windows pc

Soldat 2 2D multiplayer shooter now has a Linux and Windows PC Demo, although unsure about Mac. Thanks to developer Transhuman Design. Who are due to release the game in Q2 2020 on Steam.

Soldat which took the Internet and LAN parties by storm in the early 2000’s. So now we have the coming release for Soldat 2. Which also aims at renewing the basic gameplay. While expanding the experience with fresh and enhanced content. Including customization and modding as a core feature. As well as procedurally generated levels. There will also be custom game rules and modes. On top of weapons, vehicles, buildings, and a battle simulator sandbox.

Soldat 2 aims to become a solid platform for custom content. Including mods and other Soldat-like games. And even better, we now have a singleplayer Demo on Steam. This is available for Linux and Windows. Although I’m unsure about Mac. Also, check out the trailer below.

Soldat 2 DEMO Teaser trailer

Early Access Features:

  • online multiplayer (with dedicated servers)
  • procedurally generated and designed levels
  • famous from its original physics based movement
  • low poly style and also easy Soldat 2 mod creation
  • realistic weapons and military equipment
  • ragdoll physics and over the top violence
  • custom battle sandbox

Planned 3 Gameplay Tiers:

  • classic competitive
  • class based realistic
  • sandbox experimental

Upcoming (subject to change):

  • level editor + generator
  • full mod support for Soldat 2
  • explosives + level destruction
  • additional character customizations
  • more weapons and equipment
  • more levels and game modes
  • classes, vehicles and other experimental features

Developed by one man, the original creator of Soldat. And producer of Butcher Michal ‘MM’ Marcinkowski. Since MM has surrounded himself with a handful of like minded people. All in order to do one thing: dominate the world. Which also means creating the best multiplayer games of all time. The coming release includes customization for every part of the battle. Going from level generation to weapons, soldiers and also game modes.

Soldat 2 2D shooter worth playing. The Demo is available for Linux and Windows PC. With a full release coming in Q2 2020. Priced around $10 – $20 USD. So be sure to also Wishlist the game on Steam.

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