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SOMA Free for a few more hours on GOG

soma free for a few more hours on gog linux mac windows games via connect

SOMA is still FREE on GOG games, with a few more hours to go for Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to Frictional Games, the horror title is available to add to your account. Get it while the Daily Deals for games are back, plus more than 2000 deals available in the GOG Winter Sale.

A week before the end of GOG.COM’s Winter Sale. There is still plenty to be excitement. Therefore, we have more free stuff and even more deals than ever. So join the DRM-free festivities and find yourself great games to start off 2019.

Get SOMA for Free:

So get SOMA for Free for the next few hours, until December 30, 11:00 AM UTC. Claim the blood freezing and spine-tingling horror adventure games deal from the main page banner on GOG.COM. While slip into the immersive story deep beneath the ocean waves.

SOMA Eye Tracking (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The Winter Sale is now +2000 deals strong, with some tasty additions from Bethesda Softworks, SNK, tinybuild and more! Check out the discounts on Graveyard Keeper (-30%), Darkest Dungeon (-70%), Kerbal Space Program (-60%), and way more.

And if you missed any of the Daily Deals, they are all back at 2 PM UTC! With slightly smaller discounts, but you can still save some bucks on things like Thimbleweed Park (-40%), Hyper Light Drifter (-60%), Brigador: Up-Armored Edition (-30%), Dead Cells (-20%), Wizard of Legend (-25%), Tacoma (-75%), and more.

You can still unlock free games while you shop in the sale: get Fantasy General free with your first purchase, and EVERSPACE once all your Winter Sale spendings add up to $15 USD.

There are also new games on GOG Connect. So link your Steam account to get more titles with Connect including: Divine Divinity, Descent, Europa Universalis Rome Gold, Two Worlds Epic Edition and more.

The GOG.COM Winter Sale officially ends on January 3, 11 PM UTC. There are some solid deals for Linux, Mac and Windows games.

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