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Sombrero developer working on the Linux build next

sombrero developer working on a Linux build next

Sombrero is a Spaghetti Western-inspired multiplayer shootout. While the game is #available for 2-4 players, now developer #PixelMetal is “adding a new stage.” So players can saddle up in four unique #gamemodes. With a cast of rough-and-ready characters ready to battle it out. While doing so in a variety of treacherous locales in both local and online play. Whether you’re on the side of the law or a no-good cattle rustler. Sombrero offers a unique multiplayer experience.

So Linux Game Consortium just received an email from PixelMetal. Stating, “digging more deeply into the Linux stuff in January. Hopefully there won’t be any issues and we can get it out early next year.”

Sombrero Features:

  • It’s a Party – Invite your friends over and pull up a couch for a 2-4 player firefight fiesta!
  • 360 Degrees of Mayhem – Fire your weapons in any direction to blast enemy gunslingers out of their boots
  • Online Multiplayer – Go online to battle gunslingers from around the world.
  • A Colorful Cast of Characters – Choose from a memorable cast of nearly two dozen playable characters. There’s a little something for everyone!
  • A Fistful of Powerups – Grab power-ups, from boomerangs to alien plasma launchers, and buck the odds in your favor.
  • Content Updates – Exciting new Locations, Characters and Power-ups will be moseying out on a regular basis!

The Game Modes:

  • Deathmatch – Shoot or be shot! May the best man, woman, or tentacle-faced alien win!
  • Loot – Grab as many bags of money as you can before the time runs out. The outlaw with the most cash wins! Just like real life.
  • Capture The Flag – Win the Old West one territory at a time. Capture as many flags as you can!
  • Banditos – “Borrow” the priceless Golden Monkey Idol before anyone else! Hold it the longest and win the round.

Sombrero is available now on Steam with a 73% discount for a few brave souls. Seeing that we can expect a native Linux build sometime in the first part of the new year. This makes the current sale very much worth it.


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