Sombrero Spaghetti Western Mayhem launches on Steam

Sombrero Spaghetti Western Mayhem launches on Steam

The rules of this #gunfight are simple; stay alive, grab the loot…and #shooting your friends in the back is wholly encouraged. Hey, no one says gunslingers have to fight fair. Sombrero Spaghetti Western Mayhem, the #multiplayer party game launches now on Steam!

Watch the Sombrero launch trailer here:

Lunge through a non-stop hailstorm of bullets and TNT as you race to grab loot and blast your friends. A madcap party game for 2-4 players (local and online), Sombrero features nearly two dozen playable characters, an arsenal of power-ups to give you an edge, and four different game modes!

Sombrero is available now on Steam for the launch price of $9.99 USD, for a limited time. Stay tuned for more news, including free DLC and the Xbox One launch coming in 2017.

The Linux release according to PixelMetal:

“Linux version should be coming soon-ish. I’m digging into it next week and settings up some Linux test machines this weekend, and the testers are doing the same. If all goes well, it shouldn’t be more than a few weeks.”

For all those eager to play. Sombrero Spaghetti Western Mayhem is now available on Steam with 33% discount until November 3rd. Expect the native Linux port to follow soon.

For more information about Sombrero visit the official website.


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