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Somnipathy horror adventure out today

somnipathy horror adventure point and click game launches on linux mac windows pc

Somnipathy horror adventure point and click game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Tearcell Game Studio for creating an original survival experience. Available now on Steam.

If you’re intrigued by engaging stories, have an appreciation for visually captivating designs, and get that rush from slowly unfolding horrors. Then you’ll want to hear about Somnipathy. This is Tearcell Games’ very first creation and it’s launching today.

In Somnipathy you will step into the shoes of Aggy. On the surface, she’s like many of us – trying to find her place in a vast, often uncaring world. However, her journey launches with a dark turn when she starts to encounter what many dread. These are the terrors that lurk in the shadows of sleeplessness.

The Somnipathy story is crafted with finesse by James Thomasos. A name you might recognize from masterpieces like “The Last One to Speak” or “Rusty Fears 6”. This guy knows how to weave a tale, so you’re in for a narrative feat. While the storyline is the backbone, the ambiance plays a huge role in setting the mood. A big chunk of that setting comes from the aural magic spun by Mark Benis. If you like the beats of “Everybody Wham Wham” or been lost in the musical realms of “Lamplight City” and “Rosewater”, you know what I’m talking about.

Somnipathy – Final Release Short Trailer

Visually, Somnipathy horror adventure point and click mixes the nostalgia of pixel art with stunning hand-drawn visuals. Especially during conversations, you’ll see detailed character sketches. Due to make every interaction more personal and relatable.

Now, what’s an adventure without choices, right? Somnipathy offers various endings and additional stories that branch out. There’s a main path, but plenty of alleys to explore. Along these paths, you’ll also come across puzzles and challenges, each with a design to test your skills and wits. Oh, and did I mention Aggy’s own personal monsters? While you delve deeper, you’ll face manifestations of her deepest fears. Be ready, since this won’t be a walk in the park.

There’s also a Score Mode. Without diving too deep, it’s an ode to the initial inspiration for Somnipathy. All based on an entry from the Ludum Dare 50 jam. It offers a different kind of thrill and is definitely worth checking out. Which you can do for free with the Linux Demo on Steam. Try before you buy.

In essence, Somnipathy is more than a horror adventure point and click. It’s a game that merges gripping tales with striking visuals and sound. For those looking for something memorable, dive into a world that’ll keep you hooked, wondering, and eager for more. Available today on Steam via Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Priced at $14.44 USD / £12.14 / 14,01€ with the 15% discount until September 19th.

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