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SOMOS action arcade to release in 2018

somos action arcade to release in 2018 for linux mac windows

SOMOS is an action arcade game with minimalist visuals for Linux, Mac and Windows to release 2018. So after two years of part-time development, the announcement trailer is available. The games also created for Desktop and Mobile. But there is no specific release date just yet.

SOMOS is an visually abstract action game with a focus on movement and solving ever-changing puzzles. While players switch their avatar between each side of the screen. Working to avoid and/or destroy procedurally generated obstacles. Also interacting with anything that is on the same side of the screen as the player’s avatar. Forcing the player to move to the other side, creating fast-paced puzzle solving.

SOMOS Action Arcade Announcement Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The core of the game are the many challenges that you’ll have to accomplish. Since each of them twists the rules of the game to keep the experience fresh and interesting. Completing challenges unlocks new mechanics and vibrant colour palettes. And players can explore in the competitive Endless mode or Relaxation mode of the game.

About Sideline:

SOMOS development is a passion project by Alexis Lessard and Jacob Leaney.

Alexis Lessard is a game developer that worked at Ubisoft on projects such as the Watch Dogs brand and Transference. In parallel, he’s worked on a lot of smaller experiences during his free time. One of those ideas that became a full game was SOMOS. About a year into development, he met Jacob which joined the team to bring the game’s audio to life.

Jacob Leaney is a songwriter, sound designer, and game designer from Melbourne, who works across, video games, film/tv, and pop music. Jacob’s most recent work in games includes the VR experience for We Happy Few (Compulsion Games), and music and game development on various projects Signal Space Lab.


SOMOS the action arcade puzzle game is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Set to release in 2018. Again no release date or price yet.

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