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Son of Scoregasm is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC after PS Vita

Son of Scoregasm, the “latest super amazing game” from #Charlie’sGames, is headed to PlayStation Vita “very soon,” #developer Charlie Knight announced today on the #PlayStation Blog.

It’s due out on PS Vita first, roughly at the end of June, then the PC version (Windows, Mac and Linux) will be out around a month or two after that if all goes to plan. All versions will be pretty similar in terms of content, but the PC version will obviously have a few extra options so you can get it running a MEGA RESOLUTION, change control schemes, optimizations for low and high end PCs and all those other PC favourites.

The sequel to the 2011 twin-stick shooter Scoregasm is “refinement of that game, taking the best bits and improving the rest,” according to the developer. Instead of the genre’s common survival-based gameplay, Son of Scoregasm moves players in a series of interlinking, non-linear levels. The goal is to shoot, score points and weave your way through traps as you create your own path to the game’s end.

Knight, traditionally a PC developer, followed by a twitter exchange after Andy White mentioned him to Shahid Ahmad, senior business development manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. A fan of the original Scoregasm, Ahmad approached him about a PlayStation Vita version.

“I’ve not worked on a console before, so I said yes to his offer,” Knight told Polygon. “I met Shahid a few weeks ago, and it turns out he saw me making a fool of myself being interviewed on stage at an event in London just prior to Scoregasm‘s release, had bought the game afterwards, and also had an email conversation with me about what I’d used to write the game. I had no idea!”

Son of Scoregasm, which will support leaderboards and Trophies on PS Vita, is also in development for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, Knight told Polygon. Pre-orders for those versions of the self-funded game are available on Charlie’s Games official site.

The original Scoregasm is available for $4.99 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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