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Sonar Beat rhythm game, where’s support?

sonar beat rhythm game where is linux support

Sonar Beat is a musical rhythm arcade game for Windows and Mac, but where’s Linux support? We reached out to developer Life Zero with some news. Since the games coming to Steam this month.

Since the Steam page outlines both Mac and Windows support. But seems to be missing the most obvious, Linux. Reaching out to the developer, we have a reasonable reply.

Linux Support:

“A Linux version is currently not in the works as we need to focus our resources in all the platforms we’re supporting right now. But it is definitely in our mind for the future (details still unknown, unfortunately).

The game is being developed under the current version of Unity.”

Yes I know, this is not a Linux confirmation. But support is in mind for the future. And with Unity 3D being the game engine of choice, here’s hoping we see a release sooner.
And to be honest, I think part of the reason for the lack of native release at launch is Life Zero’s experience with Linux. Which is more common than people think. Even though Unity 3D does help to make Linux support easier, developers do not always have a test machine available. So this limits platform support at launch.

So why all the hype for Sonar Beat? The gameplay has a unique twist, where notes follow a spiral structure. With the ones you miss remain and move forward to your center. And if they reach that center, you’re dead.

Therefore while you play through the radar interface, players use a sensor cone to detect enemies approaching the center. Since there are a lot of random aspects to the game. This also ensures enemies won’t always appear on the same point every time you play. While forcing the player to always be mindful.
Therefore you must destroy each enemy at the precise moment your sensor comes in contact with it. If you fail, the enemy will come closer by and you will ultimately lose.

Sonar Beat rhythm arcade teaser (Mac, Windows, then Linux)


  • Crafted electronic music with underwater theme, 12 different tracks.
  • Unique and eye-catching graphics with different styles for each song.
  • Procedural levels, balanced between rhythm and randomness so each song is different every time you play.
  • Cross-platform play and saves. You can switch between mobile/computer/console at any time, keeping your user and highscores.
  • Tons of variety in a single play: many kinds of enemies and beat types throughout all the songs.

The gameplay reminds me of a slower version of Super Hexagon. But here, players are able to compete in online leaderboards. That is if you can get the highest rank or want to challenge fiends. Since you can share your score in social media.

Sonar Beat is going to release the rhythm arcade game on Steam, January 22nd. Releasing on both Mac and Windows, with Linux likely coming after launch, priced at $2.49 USD.