Songbringer music dungeon crawler now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

songbringer music dungeon crawler now on kickstarter for linux mac pc

Songbringer is a procedurally-generated action-RPG from Wizard Fu Games that holds The Legend of Zelda as prime inspiration. A dungeon crawler merged with pixelized aesthetic and environments. And it will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

The music sort of sports a classic rock genre, while you play as a galaxy cruising musician with a musical sword. The downside, the sword is cursed and awakens an ancient evil army. While true, the player can explore over 300 million unique worlds, recently awakened demons, virus androids and other sullied creatures, with forgotten artifacts and heroes jailed for centuries.

Songbringer does not have an XP system, so it’s all up to you and your skills. This is not a button-masher or arcade game, as combat and adventures are based around crafting with unique items. Which differs from other action-roguelikes, as it comes with an overworld. There will be combat-heavy dungeons to crawl, plus an expansive, lonely land that you’re free to explore.

You choose a 6-letter world seed every time you begin a new quest. This seed is used to procedurally generate the planet, overworld, secrets and dungeons.
As a player, you can choose to enter a unique seed and play an entirely surprising world. Or you can enter a seed you are familiar with and can rip through at a speed run pace

Songbringer is an open, non-linear game where progress is made by discovering items and vanquishing bosses. In other words, there are no experience points (no XP). As a player, you can’t just kill 500 slimes and get to level 50. In fact, there are no experience levels.

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Songbringer is being developed by Nathanael Weiss, a one-person studio Wizard Fu Games. Given its size, Weiss is looking for funding to dedicate himself full-time to the project. The Songbringer Kickstarter  just launched recently and the project is asking for a mere $9K minimum. If crowdfunding goes over $40K, the game will be ported to Android and iOS. Console versions could but might be announced as a later stretch goal if the campaign becomes successful.

Songbringer is aiming for an alpha in August, the beta in October with a full release in December for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Secure a copy of Songbringer for a mere $8. Getting early beta access, however, will set you back $64, but it comes with a soundtrack.

Songbringer looks really impressive, but if you are undecided about investing, Weiss is looking for support on Songbringer on Steam Greenlight.


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