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Songs of Conquest release and native support

songs of conquest strategy adventure game release and linux support with mac and windows pc

Songs of Conquest strategy adventure game release and Linux support with Mac and Windows PC. All due to the creative work and ongoing efforts of developer Lavapotion. Available now on Steam Early Access and GOG games in development.

Songs of Conquest is a stunning turn-based adventure strategy game. This is also single-player odyssey that releases across a mystically charged, elegantly rendered pixel art world. Seeing players raise armies, command powerful magicians, and build legendary kingdoms worthy of song. And the 89% Very Positive reviews speak for speak for themselves. But the only thing missing is Linux support. Naturally, this means reaching out Lavapotion about Songs of Conquest via email. Here’s the reply.

I know the Linux gaming community is passionate and I feel a bit bad for not having full Linux support on launch.
I can’t promise a Linux port right now, because we are still swamped with things like hot fixing bugs. The best I can give you right now is that we have had Alpha testers using Proton and playing the game for almost a year. And they seem to think this works fine.

So in case your wondering, Songs of Conquest is developed in Unity 3D. As stated above Proton support is at a Platinum level. But this is also an Early Access game. Due to remain there for “about one year.” So the fact that the developer has both Mac and Windows PC support is impressive. Yes, other developers have managed all three platforms. But in the case of Linux support, it comes down to “cost vs return on investment and also time.” So Lavapotion only offers, “a Linux port might happen, but I can’t promise it now.” But we do have a heap of interest across multiple Discussion threads.

Songs of Conquest – Early Access Launch Trailer

Songs of Conquest is a classic adventure strategy game. One where players will shape the fate of their kingdom. In a land teaming with magic and hope, they will command armies of amazing beings. As well as powerful combat magicians, ‘Wielders,’ as they undertake quests. While they battle monsters and dominate enemies. Due to raise the ultimate fantasy empire, players must focus on developing war strategies. All while using the games’ unique combat system and optimizing build orders. Including managing resources and exploring the rich and unique fantasy world.

Songs of Conquest strategy adventure game releases on Steam Early Access and GOG. Priced at $29.99 USD / £24.99 / 29,99€. Available on Mac and Windows PC, but Linux is still an option going forward.

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