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Sons of Saturn demo out now on Linux

sons of saturn a point and click adventure mystery game offers a demo for linux mac windows pc

Sons of Saturn a point and click adventure mystery game offers a Demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the dedication of The Saturn Studio team. Which you can now try on Steam.

Sons of Saturn take place in an abandoned underground city called Minerva, frozen in time. The setting is heavy and palpable, making you feel like you’ve stumbled onto a secret world that nobody knows about. The silence, occasionally broken by echoes, reminds you that this isn’t just any ordinary place. It’s a technological metropolis full of memories from the past. One where the lines between reality and dreams blur.

In Sons of Saturn , you’re not just a point and click adventure mystery game for Linux. You’re diving headfirst into a mesmerizing story that’s equally puzzling and intriguing. It challenges you with the most pressing questions we’ve all pondered: “Why are we here?” “How can we live knowing that life isn’t always fair?” “Why is there suffering?” And of course, the big one, “Why on earth is that eerie stuffed cat chatting me up? And why can’t anyone else hear its ramblings?”

Sons of Saturn Trailer

While these are some deep philosophical questions, Sons of Saturn is not overwhelming. You’ll be so deep into the story that you might even forget you’re in a digital adventure. With every click, you uncover bits of the protagonist’s mind, pieces of the story, and clues that guide your path. The graphics are something else. They’re made from actual photos of real-life deserted places around the world. Ss if you’re getting a glimpse into forgotten worlds and untold stories.

The genius of Sons of Saturn lies in its balance. While it throws some profound concepts at you, it also has that “fun” element. Similar to trying to figure out the mystery behind the bizarre stuffed cat. Or understanding why Minerva was abandoned in the first place.

If you’ve ever felt like delving deep into a captivating story while navigating through striking visuals of an underground realm. Sons of Saturn this is the game you’ve been waiting for. Even the Demo is an adventure that pushes the boundaries of what you know, and makes you question, ponder, and discover.

So, gear up and set your mind free as you embark on a journey through Minerva. Unravel its mysteries, connect with the protagonist’s emotions, and perhaps, find some answers to the questions that gnaw at all of us. Sons of Saturn a point and click adventure mystery is more than just a pastime; it’s an exploration of the human soul. The Demo is available on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The release date is November 2023.

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