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Sons of Saturn release due out soon

sons of saturn story adventure game due to release soon on linux mac and windows pc

Sons of Saturn story adventure game due to release soon on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The imaginative team at Saturn Studio is the driving force behind this original experience. Due to make its way onto Steam this month.

Sons of Saturn release is ready to make its debut on November 30th. A deep story adventure game where you step into a first-person point and click world. You are in a city that time forgot, created using real photographs of places left behind all over the globe. You find yourself back in Minerva, an underground city now in ruins. Doing so on a quest to find out what happened to your mother, whom you left behind in your escape.

Think of Minerva as a once-great city, now a maze of forgotten buildings and secrets. Sons of Saturn is like releasing a snapshot of the past, with schools, hospitals, and even asylums. All frozen in time since the day everything fell apart. You have to be both brave and smart to navigate through this place, moving across sewers and rooftops. You’re not alone, though. A character called the Ferryman will be your guide, helping you find hints and avoid dangers that still lurk in the city.

Sons of Saturn release Trailer

The Sons of Saturn release is not just about exploring. It’s also about learning deep emotions like regret, sadness, and confusion. It asks big questions about life and fairness, diving into why we feel pain and how we deal with it. Plus, there’s a bizarre twist in the game – a talking stuffed cat that only you can hear. It’s quirky but adds to the mystery of what’s going on.

The developers have made this world incredibly real by using untouched photos of abandoned locations. So, when you’re moving through Minerva, it feels like you’re really there, in these once-busy places that now have a strange, magical quality.

In simple terms, Sons of Saturn releases you into a journey through a forgotten city. One that is also full of clues about your past and hidden dangers. It’s a mix of mystery, exploration, and understanding deep emotions. All while wrapped in a world that looks incredibly real. It’s not just about moving through levels; it’s about piecing together a story and learning yourself along the way. Perfect for someone who likes a story adventure, a touch of mystery, and a world that feels truly unique. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC via Steam. Plus you can also still play the Linux Demo.

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