Sons of the Void dungeon crawler hits Kickstarter

sons of the void dungeon crawler hits kickstarter in linux gaming news

There is a new title making headway in gaming news. Sons of the Void is a dungeon crawler now has a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Hence this unique take on the genre is a bit different. Yes, it’s developed in Unity, having Linux, Mac and Windows PC support. While Linux is now tested, it looks like native support will be in the mix as well.

Also, gameplay has the player controlling a three-member squad. All while exploring, shooting, getting juicy loot. And of course saving the universe from an imminent destruction.

Linux support?

“We’ve been working overnight and have been able to test it on Linux and can finally confirm that we will be releasing it for Linux too.”

So the player is part of the Sons of the Void Society. A group of Void worshippers united by a leader, The Nomad. Someone who is nothing else but a mere vassal of The Void. An ancient monolith with uncertain, but impressive powers.

The Nomad will assign you missions across the universe. So you must recover the lost pieces of The Void, rebuild it. Thus giving back its full power. And you only have once chance, so don’t waste it.

However, not everything is about shooting enemies. By completing each mission, you’ll be rewarded with credits. So you can spend to improve your characters’ skills, upgrade and buy weapons. While also acquiring better and fancier buildings for your town. Which in turn improves your whole society.

Sons of the Void Features:

  • 2D Space dungeon crawler with RPG elements. The perfect mix between Borderlands and Nuclear Throne
  • Unique Swap Mechanic: swap in-game between any of your 3 member squad at any given point. Thus activating their special abilities
  • Procedural missions: Each mission features different locations, goals and advantages/disadvantages to the player. Have a different experience every single time!
  • Progress and upgrade your characters: At the end of each mission collect your rewards and use them to improve your characters’ abilities

Also, Sons of the Void is looking for your support on Greenlight.

So I know it’s another dungeon crawler. Yet due to the nature of Sons of the Void gaming is a delicious tease. And that Borderlands aspect with procedural missions, that’s news!!

You may also want to take a look at our devblog (which updates every 2 weeks)

Therefore, those looking to back the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, go for it. Since we do have Linux support on top of Mac and Windows PC, positive news.

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