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Sonucido: The Mage a turn based dungeon crawler

sonucido: the mage a turn based dungeon crawler coming to linux gaming with windows pc

Sonucido: The Mage a turn based dungeon crawler coming to Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Daniel da Silva. Due to make a Steam debut sometime in 2021.

Daniel da Silva (SmokeSomeFrogs) announces his newest title Sonucido: The Mage. As stated above, this is a grid based, turn based dungeon crawler with the classic 90° viewing angle. The gameplay also lets you explore the corrupted world of Sonucido. While being able to speak to its inhabitants. Then overcome a big variety of enemies and solve puzzles. All in a classic FPS style of gameplay.

Sonucido: The Mage – Teaser

So now you have the task of finding the banned mage in the depths of Sonucido. A place where murderers, thieves, and other criminals are sent. Weird creatures lurk in the darkness of this corrupted place in Sonucido: The Mage.


  • Replayability: Discover multiple endings and different paths through the depths of Sonucido: The Mage.
  • Choices matter: Your choices have an actual impact on your playthrough and the endings!
  • Turn Based Combat: Easy to learn but hard to master. No battle dancing!
  • Slay Enemies: Defeat a 30 different enemies with different weaknesses and strengths.
  • Exploration: Look around and find potions. There are also optional side quests, secrets and more.
  • Bold Game Design: No inventory management, no novel length text walls, no 30 minute tutorial.

Sonucido: The Mage cerated using the Godot Engine. Daniel da Silva is behind most of the game creation. While getting help from his fiancee Luca Marie Koster. She makes graphics for marketing and cut scenes. As a result, she is responsible for the website.

Sonucido: The Mage turn based dungeon crawler will be released somewhere in 2021, before Q4. It will be released on and Steam and will be available for Linux and Windows PC. If everything goes as planned, we will see support for German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.