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Sonucido: The Mage dungeon crawler gets a Demo

sonucido: the mage the grid based turn based dungeon crawler gets a demo for linux with windows pc

Sonucido: The Mage the grid based, turn based dungeon crawler gets a Demo for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Daniel da Silva (SmokeSomeFrogs). Due to make its way onto Steam later this year.

SmokeSomeFrogs announces the newest title Sonucido: The Mage. Daniel da Silva is also the creator of the game Bring Back The Sun. Which also offers support in both Linux and Windows PC.

Sonucido: The Mage is a grid based, turn based dungeon crawler. While gameplay offers the classic 90° viewing angle. As players explore the corrupted world of Sonucido. Talking to its citizens, defeat a variety of enemies, and solve puzzles. Which you can play now on Steam via the Demo, now including support in Linux and Windows PC. This certainly gives players

Sonucido: The Mage – Teaser

In Sonucido: The Mage you are assigned to find the banned mage. All while venuring through the depths of Sonucido. A place where murderers, thieves, and other criminals are sent when they are convicted. As a result, this means you can expect weird creatures lurking in the darkness of this corrupted place. Gameplay also offers full controller support.


  • Replayability: Discover multiple endings and different paths. Since it’s up to you to work your way through the depths of Sonucido.
  • Choices matter: Your choices have an actual impact on your playthrough and the endings!
  • Turn-Based Combat: Easy to learn but hard to master. No battle dancing!
  • Slay Enemies: Defeat a variety of enemies with various weaknesses and strengths.
  • Exploration: Look around and find potions. There are even optional side quests, secrets and more.
  • Bold Game Design: No inventory management or novel length text walls. So the don’t expect a 30 minute tutorial.

Sonucido: The Mage is developed using Godot, which started on December 2nd, 2022. The Demo is available with support for Linux and Windows PC. So you can get a taste of gameplay. With a release due before Q4 2021 via Steam.

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