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SOOT a terraforming strategy due to get a port

soot a terraforming strategy game due to get a port for linux with windows pc

SOOT a terraforming strategy game due to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. Due to further details from the impressive efforts of developer Ceiba Software and Arts. Which is live on Steam.

The only hope lies in reusing the lost scientific knowledge of an ancient civilization. In SOOT, an ancient journal falls into the hands of Laura MacKenzie, a young scientist. As a result, she relives the experiences of Captain Christopher Mason. While finding the secrets of The Federation, a powerful and forgotten space civilization. Centuries ago also used advanced technology to terraform planets.

…we’re planning to make a Linux port. We couldn’t make it for the release date because right now we don’t have a dedicated linux machine for testing, but we’re working on it.

SOOT is developed in Unity 3D. But according to the email, Ceiba Software and Arts are hoping to be able to offer a Linux release in late June or early July. This is due to the lack of a dedicated Linux machine for testing. But the developers are “working on it”.
In the mean time, the Demo is playable via Steam Play, and it’s a decent game. Worth playing.

SOOT Release trailer

The game o fSOOT presents a dramatic story full of mystery. Along with further conflict and a complex political plot. While the story itself follows comic style dialogues in each of the levels.


  • A game that invites deep reflection and immerses players into solving problems. Along with a complex simulation system.
  • The level-based progress tests the player through the story.
  • A story that tells an engaging set events through gameplay and a comic style.
  • A stylized version of the science fiction genre with a detailed Steampunk aesthetic.
  • Mature discussion of how human elements change the setting through technology.

SOOT features 17 different planets, over 20 structures, and 14 interactive comic book scenes. All developed with special care and attention to detail. With unique steampunk aesthetics, complex 3D modeling, and detailed arts. So that every moment in SOOT is a beauty to behold.

SOOT terraforming strategy is available on Steam. But currently, only for Windows PC. Priced at $17.99 USD / £13.94 / 15,11€ with a 10% discount. But it’s coming to Linux fairly soon. So be sure to try the Demo via Proton.

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